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First Dance Prep: Setting the Stage for a Smooth Celebration

Your first dance is a highlight of your wedding, and a little planning can ensure it's a truly magical moment. Here are some key considerations to discuss with your partner and teacher:

Stage & Space:

Dance Floor Dimensions: Know the size and layout of the dance floor. Where will guests be standing? This helps avoid feeling boxed in or stepping on toes (literal and figurative!).

Venue Vibes: Consider the venue's overall atmosphere. Rustic chic? Elegant ballroom? Adapt your choreography to complement the space.

Dressed for Success:

The Flowing Feast: If your dress has a train, discuss pinning options or hand loops to avoid tangled steps. Tight skirts also affect movement, so factor that in.

Arm Ahoy: Discuss any limitations on arm movement due to dress design or preference. We want those romantic dips to reach their full potential!

Feet First:

Flooring Facts: What's underfoot? Uneven floors call for caution, while shiny surfaces might require extra grip. Carpeted floors, on the other hand, welcome twirls!

DJ Dynamics: Where will the music be coming from? We don't want you serenading the DJ while ignoring your adoring audience!

Shoe Show & Tell: Consider bringing your wedding shoes (or similar styles) to lessons. Dancing in stilettos feels vastly different from trainers, so it's good to be prepared.


Music To Your Ears:

Soundtrack of Love: Choosing your first dance music and style can be exciting! While we offer guidance on both options, ultimately, your song selection should reflect your unique love story. Don't shy away from a meaningful song, even if it presents a learning curve. The emotional connection is paramount. We're dedicated to helping you achieve your vision, providing open communication and realistic expectations of the effort involved for both parties.

Music in Motion: Live music versus recorded track - a key decision for your first dance! Live bands bring spontaneity and energy, but variations in performance can affect choreography. Recorded tracks offer predictability, ensuring practised moves flow seamlessly. We recommend
checking if a live recording of the band playing your song is available for practice. If not, consider listening to them play it well in advance to check for potential discrepancies. Ultimately, the choice is yours - let your heart and dancing feet guide you! We'll adapt our choreography approach to match your decision, ensuring a confident and captivating performance on your big day.


Dancing Under the Spotlight: Why You'll Want to Go the Whole Distance for Your First Dance

Many couples approach their first dance lesson with a plan: learn a few moves, dance part of the song, then invite everyone to join in. But here's a secret – most end up dancing to the entire track, and for good reason!

1. Time Flies When You're Having Fun (and Learning)

Remember that song that felt like it would never end? Once you start putting together steps and practising, you'll be surprised how quickly it actually flies by. The music suddenly feels like a precious window of time dedicated to just the two of you.

2. Confidence is Contagious

Instead of worrying about cueing guests (who are probably mesmerised by your unexpected dance skills!), you can relax and simply enjoy the moment. Your confidence will shine through, attracting your loved ones to the dance floor naturally as the next song plays.

3. It's All About You (and Each Other)

Your first dance is a once-in-a-lifetime moment, a snapshot of joy and commitment to be cherished forever. Why not savour it fully? Give yourselves the gift of uninterrupted time to express your love through movement, create a memory that will leave you breathless, and give your guests a front-row seat to your unique love story.

So, embrace the spotlight, conquer the entire track, and make your first dance a truly unforgettable experience. You won't regret it!

Bonus Tip: Embrace practice! The more comfortable you are with your moves, the more you can relax and enjoy this special moment together.

Remember, your first dance is a celebration of your love, so personalise it and have fun! With a little planning and practice, you'll create a memory that will stay with you for a lifetime.

Hints and Tips - First Dance

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